Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Launching for Good Hearts

For a good bit of my adult life, folks and colleagues have been urging me to write more.  Until now I've been somewhat fearful, for whatever reason.  But over the past few weeks that little voice inside has become more and more insistent, so here goes.  The readings for Morning Prayer today were an extra nudge:  first, Ecclesiasticus which was speaking about the lifelong process of discovering wisdom.  For the ancient Hebrews wisdom wasn't just about "head" knowledge.  It encompassed, more or less, what we mean by philosophy and theology all thrown together.  The bottom-line meaning seems to be something like knowing how to live every human aspect of life well: academically, emotionally, socially, ethically, artistically, psychologically, spiritually.  "While I was still young," says Ecclesiasticus, "I sought wisdom openly...and I will search for her until the end...from my youth I followed her steps...I made progress in her...I resolved to live according to [her]...My soul grappled with wisdom...With her I gained understanding from the first...therefore I have gained a prize possession.  The Lord gave me my tongue as a reward, and I will proclaim the Lord with it."

The second reading this morning was from Paul's first letter to Christians at Corinth, all about the value of  prophecy, especially when compared to speaking in tongues, which Paul considered a private gift between the person and God. The word prophecy means more than just foretelling, as one speaks God's message.  It bears the meaning of inspired speaking, speaking with great passion and perception, coupled with wisdom.  In my mind, it aptly describes people whom I understand to be great teachers.  In Paul's words: "...those who prophesy [teach] speak to other people for their upbuilding and encouragement and consolation..."

So it seems like a good day to launch a blog, to begin to "write more", for whatever it's worth, to share among all the "good hearts" out there.

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