Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cuthbert of Lindisfarne

Excerpts from Venerable Bede's The Life of Cuthbert:

"...Such was his zeal for prayer that sometimes he would keep vigil for three or four nights at a stretch. Whether he was praying alone in some secret place or saying psalms, he always did manual work to drive away the heaviness of sleep, or else he would do the rounds of the island, kindly inquiring how everything was getting on, relieving the tedium of his long vigils and psalm-singing by walking about...

Towards the end of his life this venerable man of God was elected Bishop of Lindisfarne. Following the teaching and practice of the apostles, he adorned his office with good works. He protected the flock committed to him by constant prayer on their behalf, by wholesome admonition and -- which is the real way to teach -- by example first and precept later..."

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