Friday, February 27, 2009

The Best Birthday Ever!

I can't even remember how many years it has been since my 34 year old son celebrated a birthday with me.  We've just been miles apart, it seems, for the annual event.  I can't remember a birthday I've enjoyed more than today when I took the party to Andrew's room at UCSF Medical Center! His partner, Jeff, joined us in consuming half of that very delicious chocolate cake you see above! Yes, even on my diet and on a fast-and-abstinence day during Lent! Ever full of humor, Andrew suggested that I switch the candles! Of course, that would never fly.  He did, however, tell his two neurologists who came to speak with us that his father was celebrating his "60th" birthday! (Always the parent, I hastened to correct him.)  

The doctors had good tidings on this special day: Andrew has suffered no permanent damage of any sort, and could be released from the hospital some time next week.  Physical rehabilitation elsewhere is being looked into, but his progress has been such that the doctors feel that there's no reason that he can't fully recover.  

For this and for all the tender mercies of this day and those of the past 72 years, "Thanks be to God!"

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