Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brigid - "Mary of the Gael"

St. Brigid (Bride)
mid-5th cent. - c. 523

[Brigid's Well and Statue
Sculptor, Annette McCormack
Photo, Mario Corrigan]

Brigid's Feast

I should like a great lake of finest ale
For the Kings of kings.
I should like a table of the choicest food
For the family of heaven.
Let the ale be made from the fruits of faith, 
And the food be forgiving love.

I should welcome the poor to my feast,
For they are God's children.
I should welcome the sick to my feast, 
For they are God's joy.
Let the poor sit with Jesus at the highest place,
And the sick dance with the angels.

God bless the poor,
God bless the sick,
And bless our human race.
God bless our food, 
God bless our drink, 
All homes, O God, embrace.

[From Celtic Fire, edited by Robert Van de Weyer, pp. 39-40] 

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