Monday, February 2, 2009

Meditation From a Hospital Room

My son, Andrew, sent me this yesterday from his hospital bed in Florida.  Illness sometimes stirs the creative juices in us.

In all of us there is a meadow that exists. 
It is the place where God exists.
The harsh weather dries the meadow out
to the point where there is no growth.
How can it be a meadow still?
No green, no moisture, nothing that one can walk through
feeling the soft tickle of spires of thin grass on the legs.

God lives in the deep cracks of the earth.
God lives in the constant, cool breeze
that flows through the vast and expansive land we travel.

Gently touch the cracks of the earth - the dry cold earth -
and God will always grow the green soft grace that soothes the soul.
You just don't need to see it or smell it
to know that it will grow.

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