Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pope John XXIII (Angelo Giussepe Roncalli) - 1881-1963

There was a man

sent from God

whose name was John,

he was fat

and kind.

We found that very intriguing,

not so much the being fat

but the being kind.

(Brother Denis Wiseman, O.P.)


John-Julian, OJN said...

It is one of the prime glories of my long life: that Angelo Giussepe Roncalli and I walked on the earth at the same time! He may be the greatest pope since Gregory the Great and possibly tied with ++Desmond Tutu as the greatest human of the 20th century.
The brutality is that the glory of this man's life and the values he promoted have been repudiated and invalidated by both popes who followed him.

Anonymous said...

"He may be the greatest Pope since Gregory the Great"? Seriously? I think you are forgetting Nicholas the Great, Innocent III, St. Pius V, St. Pius X, and Pius XII to name just a few! And tied with Desmond Tutu as the greatest human of the 20th century? Not only are you forgetting other Popes, but saint and martyrs who died for the Catholic faith. I think they come befor a protestant bishop!