Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

In the name of the Holy One, Jesus, whose name we celebrate today, we wish all of you a blessed and Happy New Year. May we be ready throughout 2010 to receive all its gifts to us, and to use them in unselfish service to others!

O unfailing Source of light and mercy,
you have brought us to the beginning
of this year, sparing us to love You
and follow Your bidding:
Prepare us for the coming days.
With Your grace enlighten our darkness,
and strengthen our weakness.
Help us to forget the selfishness and sorrow
of the past, cherishing only the wisdom
and humility which they have brought us.
Inspire us with new purposes and new hopes.
Deepen within our heart the love of
truth and goodness. Renew in us the life
which alone makes life worth living.
Enable us to discern the solemn meaning
of these earthly days, and the high and
sacred purpose for which they are given.
Protect us from being unfaithful to You.
You have richly blessed us: lead us still
by Your hand; admonish and guide us
still by Your Spirit; and leave us not
to ourselves, Good Shepherd.
Let our selfishness and wrongdoing
never take from us the thought that
we are Yours. Do not let sorrow
nor weariness of life nor the darkness
and mystery of the world rob us of
our faith in You. Whatever light may shine
or shadow fall, keep us in the company
of those who trust and obey You, and
in the love and service of Jesus, the
Holy One of God.
(Prayer taken from Office for New Year’s Eve,
Offices for Special Occasions, 1904)

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