Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Michael: "Angel All Peaceful"

O Jesu, lifespring of the soul,
The Father’s power, and glory bright!
You with the angels we extol;
From You they draw their life and light.
Thy thousand thousand hosts are spread
Embattled o‘er the azure sky;
But Michael bears Your standard dread,
And lifts the mighty Cross on high.
He, in that sign, the rebel powers
Did, with their dragon prince, expel;
And hurled them from the heavens' high towers
Down like a thunderbolt, to hell.
Grant us, with Michael, still, O Lord,
Against the Prince of Pride to fight;
So may a crown be our reward,
Before the Lamb’s pure throne of light.
To God the Father praise be done,
Who has redeemed us through the Son;
Anoints us by the Holy Ghost,
And guards us by the Angel-host.

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