Monday, November 9, 2009

Today's Our Birthday!

Believe it or not, this is the first year anniversary of The Good Heart blog!

I began the blog a year ago today with these words: "For a good bit of my adult life, folks and colleagues have been urging me to write more. Until now I've been somewhat fearful, for whatever reason. But over the past few weeks that little voice inside has become more and more insistent, so here goes...For the ancient Hebrews wisdom wasn't just about "head" knowledge. It encompassed, more or less, what we mean by philosophy and theology all thrown together. The bottom-line meaning seems to be something like knowing how to live every human aspect of life well: academically, emotionally, socially, ethically, artistically, psychologically, spiritually...So it seems like a good day to launch a blog, to begin to "write more", for whatever it's worth, to share among all the "good hearts" out there."

My good friend, Fr. John Julian, OJN, deserves a "Blog Cheerleader" award for his constant encouragement and promotion of the blog among his friends. There appear to be 13 regular "followers", although seeing that term reminds me of the old saying: "Don't follow me: I'm lost!" I've heard from some of you, and I deeply appreciate your support and kind comments. Occasionally I've even heard from folks out in cyberland whom I don't know at all, but who have a connection with one or other of the persons I happen to mention.

Coupled with the good response, I'm now in the swing of the discipline of writing every couple of days and find myself energized by it. "So it seems like a good day to launch" into a second year and see how it goes. You might have noticed that the blog is kind of an eclectic mix: personal musings/reflections/meditations, events of interest, some politics, stories and observations of saints of the Church calendar and feast days. Though I had doubts originally if anyone else would be interested in these sorts of topics, I've found that some are, enough at least to continue.

I can only offer you some "virtual cake" for the celebration (shown above). As for myself, I'll confess that I started early by having a luscious piece of German chocolate cake last evening! (Dr. Coleman, don't read this!) Ad multos annos!

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